Compliance Calendar for the month of July 2017 :

DATE Particulars
5 State Excise Act Returns in Form RT-1 / RT-2 for June
6 1. Excise E- Payments for June
2. Service Tax -E Payments for June
7 1. Payment of Salary / Wages If employees <1000
2. TDS Payments for June
10 1. Payment of Salary / Wages If employees > 1000
2. ER-1 / ER-2 Returns for June
3. ER-3 Quarterly by SSI for April to June
15 1. PF Payment Cum Return in Form ECR for June
2. Payment of Water Cess in Form-I for June
3. Factories Act- Half yearly Return in Form 28 for January to June
20 1. LBT Payments for June
21 1. ESIC Payments for June
2. VAT  Payments for June
3. VAT Monthly Return in Form 231 for June
4. CST Payment & Return in Form III [E] for June
5. WCT TDS  Monthly return  w.r.t TDS deducted for the month of May
24 ST-3 revised return for Oct-Mar 16
30 1. Quarterly Employment Return in Form ER-I for April to June
2. Contract Labour-Contractor Half Yearly Return in Form- XXIV for January to June
3. Monthly Profession Tax Payment-cum-return in Form IIIB (having payment more than Rs. 50,000/-) for June
4. Annexure-19 under Central Excise – Proof of Exports for June
5. Issue of TDS Certificates in Form 16A other than for salaries for April to June
31 1. Trade Union Act -Annual Return in Form D for April to March
2. Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund (MLWF) Half Yearly Return in Form A-1 for January to June
3. ITR-1, ITR-2 and ITR-3, 4 or 5 others Non-Co. assessees having business income but not required to audit for Financial Year 2014-15
4. SEBI Act-BSE -Quarterly Return for April to June
5. Wealth Tax for Financial year 2014-15 – E-Payment
6. Wealth Tax Individual, HUF E-Return in Form-BB for Financial Year 2014-15
7. Revised ER-1, ER-2, ER-3 Returns
8. TDS-Quarterly Return for April to June

GST Compliance Calendar 2017-18